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How many times have I been to Québec City now? That depends whether you include my drive around the ring road in December 2001 when I didn't even stop, never mind drive through the city.

I managed to come here twice in 2010 - the first time on my way out to Labrador in early October and then again on the way back in mid-November. The first time, I was in a hurry to make Labrador before the weather broke and the second time there was a driving rainstorm that was threatening snow.

I came by here for a brief visit late in the afternoon early in September 2011 on my way up to the ferry at Les Escoumins, and I had every intention of spending a few hours here on that occasion. However, an altercation or two with certain officers of the law put me in the wrong frame of mind and so, in the unforgettable words of Viktor Kravchenko, I Chose Freedom and in the best tradition of investigative journalism á la long-lamented "News of the Screws", I "made my excuses and left".

When I turned up here one Saturday lunchtime in late April 2012 at the end of my trip along the Chemin du Roy , the weather was gorgeous, if a little windy - "A little? What's your idea of a lot?" ...ed. Chatting to someone in a petrol station, I was informed that beautiful weather had been promised for the Sunday too. I therefore made an executive decision (an executive decision being of course one where, if it turns out to be the wrong decision, the person making the decision is executed) to find a motel for the night and spend all day Sunday exploring the city.

As I said, I've been here a few times before so what I've done is to merge all of the photos from the previous visits into one seamless travelog of the city to help you find your way around. You can tell which photo is from which year by the label that is in the upper left corner - click on the thumbnail to see the full-size image.

We already have with us our readers from our voyage of 2011 and that of 2012 . This is where we are joined by our readers from our journey of 2010 when we came up the south bank of the St Lawrence to Québec, so a big hello to all of you.

There's also a page about the town of Lévis just across the St Lawrence from Québec and you might be wondering what that is doing here. Although it isn't part of the city and in fact is in a different county, some of the finest and most spectacular views of the city of Québec might be had from there. It certainly deserves its place here.

All of this should give you an excellent idea of how magnificent is the only walled city in the whole of North America. After you've completed the full tour of the city you will understand why I think that it is the most beautiful city in North America north of Santa Fe

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