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Well, here I am again, so it seems. Back on the road - or, rather back on the rails (something which my friends - all two of them - will keenly dispute) and shortly to be back in the air on my way once more to Canada.

This time of course it's to be much more exciting as I'm going to be taking possession of the piece of land over there that I bought last time I visited. I am in fact these days the proud owner of approximately 1.5 acres of Canadian soil, with my immediate neighbours being the United States of America, with whom I share a border. I'm sure that I can get into real mischief with this.

Apart from that, I have no real plans at all. Just a vague understanding that I might go to visit a lady whom I met in Labrador in 2010 . The rest I shall work out as I go along. I hope that you have as much fun reading about my adventures as I did while I was having them.

There is something of a change to the usual procedure with this voyage to Canada. When I came to Canada in 2012 part of the purpose was to travel the Chemin du Roy between Montreal and Québec and then along Highway 138 - the road that follows the north bank of the St Lawrence - for its full length. As part of my journey of 2011 was along those roads, what I've done is to merge together the pages for both years so that there's a complete and proper account of the road.

But don't worry - I'll tell you when to turn off. You won't miss out on anything and in fact you'll profit from quite a lot.

It was after this that I joined up with my trip from 2012. From here onwards, you need to follow the report of the combined trips along the North Shore of the St Lawrence for a while.

And if you become confused? Not a problem, because that will make both of us.

So when we arrive at Les Escoumins, they all clear off eastwards and we take the ferry across the river to the southern shore


Dealing with all of my notes and photographs is not the work of five minutes, and so the highlighted links will let you know the point that I have reached in publishing my adventures. Keep checking back to see where I'm up to.

Meantime, I shall leave you with the immortal words of the legendary Philaster Chase Johnson who had similar challenges upon his time when writing his magazine, the name of which I have unfortunately forgotten.

"Cheer up. The worst is yet to come."

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