One of my major passions is travelling. Not the kind that you do on a package tour or with a travel agent, but the kind where you jump on a plane, then jump in a hire car, and then disappear off into the wild blue yonder, armed with nothing but a credit card, a camera and a dictaphone.

Usually, I'm always heading somewhere with a purpose, like visiting a relative, or going to a wedding, or picking up a wind turbine. So what's a 500 mile detour anyway between friends? It usually means a few hundred photos, four or five micro-cassette tapes of notes, and a handful of web pages. After all, there's not much point in my taking all these pictures and writing all these notes if I'm not prepared to share them with you.

In my taxi driving days I was usually confined pretty much to Crewe and the vicinity thereof. Both before and after this period when I was a van driver, coach driver, chauffeur in the diplomatic service and occasional ad-hoc tourist guide, I did my best to emulate Jimi Hendrix in Stone Free. "Everyday in the week I'm in a different city", and I tried my best to remember to take a camera with me.


Below you'll find some links to five of my major voyages as well as the odd day out here and there. Have a good browse through if you have time.

When I have the time, I'll put up some more pages of interesting items. Have you any idea how much effort is involved in scanning several tens of thousands of photographs? What is even worse is that there will then have to be ten times that effort in trying to remember where I was and what I was doing while I was taking them.

It's a long, difficult and time-consuming job and brings to mind the last words of Draza Mihalovic, a Yugoslav freedom fighter who was killed in 1946, and which I consider to be so appropriate -
"I wanted much - I began much, but the whirlwind, the whirlwind carried me and my work away."


Read this section if you want to share any of your thoughts with me, and read this section if you would like to use any of my work for your own purposes, or you'd like to buy a photo.

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