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glorious sunset virlet combrailles puy de dome auvergne october octobre 2009 copyright free photo royalty free photo

I'd been down to Pionsat in the early evening and just as I turned back into my little lane I happened to notice in Caliburn's rear-view mirror the beautiful sunset.

I always have my camera with me and the tripod lives behind the driver's seat of Caliburn so in no time at all I'd set myself up in position to take a pic. And I'm really impressed with this shot - it's come out quite well. My night-time photography techniques are clearly improving.

anglo french groupe de discussion group dutch television october octobre 2009 copyright free photo royalty free photo

We have a small Anglo-French discussion group here. We meet up once every couple of weeks and talk to each other - the Francophones in English and the nouveaux-arrivants in French.

Apparently Dutch television came to hear of our little meetings and for some reason or another that is best-known only to them, they decided to film us in full-flight. Of course it brought out the lurkers in great numbers and it was an interesting evening. But apparently the meeting was ... errr ... heavily-edited and was not actually representative of what it was that we were trying to do.

Anyone who has ever had any experience of being on the end of a TV camera or a radio mike will not be in the least surprised about this.

fcpsh fc pionsat st hilaire cebazat october octobre 2009 copyright free photo royalty free photo

I take a great number of action shots of Pionsat's football teams - just as well that I do, seeing as how I maintain the football club's website on their behalf.

Most of the photographs are pretty banal but occasionally one stands out head-and-shoulders above the rest. This one, of Pionsat's 1st XI scoring against Cebazat, came out particularly well and was published in the local newspaper. It's nice to have my work recognised and see my name in lights, shameless self-publicist that I am.

la cellette pionsat combrailles puy de dome auvergne france apple crushing press october octobre 2009 copyright free photo royalty free photo

In La Cellette today they were celebrating the fête de la pomme where they demonstrate the apple-crushing process and the making of apple juice from the local produce, of which there is an abundance.

On my way to the football I stopped off to see what was going on, just in time to see them setting up the apple press. It's worked by a simple screw mechanism - they tip the apples into the huge bucket-type thing that you see and then wind down the handle that causes the press to lower itself into the bucket and crush the apples. All high-tech stuff, I should say.

birdwatching point site ornithologique st gervais puy de dome gorge de la sioule october octobre 2009 copyright free photo royalty free photo

Meanwhile back at my favourite spec at the bird-watching centre I stopped off to photograph the Gorge de la Sioule.

At this time of the year when it's cooling down through the night the sun in the morning quickly warms up the surface but the cooler air trapped in the gorge won't warm up as fast and as it is pulled up by the convection it condenses into a dense cloud of water vapour that is visible for miles. It creates some astonishing effects at times.

terry messenger kwikstage scaffolding october octobre 2009 copyright free photo royalty free photo

Amongst the many reasons of going to Liz and Terry's was to help him put up the scaffolding so that he can point the stonework at the back of his house.

It was also a good opportunity to photograph the scaffolding for we are planning to hire it out when we have finished with it and it's nice to demonstrate to our potential clients what it can do and how it all works. A picture is worth a thousand words.



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