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Now how sad is this? A month where I take 414 photos and there are only 4 that aren't classified? One of the reasons for this was that I was up on the Scottish Borders helping Carole with the Newcastleton Festival, more of which anon, and researching my thesis into the demise of Riccarton Junction, more of which ditto.

bird scottish borders juillet july 2008 copyright free photo royalty free photo

Which of course brings me nicely to this photograph. I've no idea what this photo of a bird is doing in my camera (other than the fact that I took it, of course). Those of you who know me will realise that whilst there might be plenty of photographs of birds on my web pages, they won't be this kind of bird.

In fact Carole asked me outside to take a photograph of it, but she never did say why. Ahhh well.

Caliburn camping camp site Ulverston Lake District juillet july 2008 copyright free photo royalty free photo

Now this is interesting. Caliburn on a camp site with tent. But of course, the tent isn't for me. Carole, Adrian and I took a break from whatever it was that we were doing, and escaped to Ulverston for the traditional folk weekend there.

We found an interesting camp site on what used to be an old industrial site, right near to an old iron works and not too far away from an old canal. It was all quite exciting.

It goes without saying, of course, that I slept in Caliburn.

Caliburn arnside kent viaduct morecambe bay living sleeping in a van juillet july 2008 copyright free photo royalty free photo

Talking of sleeping in a van, here is a spot that quickly became a favourite of mine. Arnside, near Carnforth, right on Morecambe Bay and within spitting distance of one of Brunlees' viaducts, the Kent Viaduct this one.

Right down at the end of the street, it's fairly quiet. I sat on the bench behind the van and wrote an assignment for my University course. There's a five-minute walk along the prom to a public toilet that is open in daylight hours (dunno if it's open at night - I didn't try it), and just past the toilets is a pretty decent chippy.

There's a baker's, but nothing in the way of grocery shops so bring your own food if you plan on stopping for a while. I don't suppose the Tesco's at Carnforth would deliver to a van parked up on the prom.

william rufus new forest hampshire strawberry moose juillet july 2008 copyright free photo royalty free photo

On my way down to Pompey to pick up some solar panels, I did some sightseeing and ended up in the New Forest in Hampshire at the spot where William Rufus, second Norman King of England, was killed. Legend has it that Sir Walter Tyrell fired an arrow at a stag and missed. The arrow struck an oak tree and ricocheted into Rufus, who died on the spot.

Just as I was musing over this, a group of likely-looking actors burst onto the scene. Bearing in mind my earlier triumphs where we re-enacted the Battle of Chancellorsville, we decided to re-enact the Death of William Rufus.

So, from right to left, we have
i...Sir Walter Tyrell
ii..A Glamorous Assistant
iii.A Stag (played by Strawberry Moose)
iv.William Rufus
v..The stone that marks the site of the oak tree.



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